About Tati

A long time ago, in a place very like this one, I was a bookseller.  For eleven years I pounded the thinning carpets and wooden floors of a number of large bookstores.  Alas, that chapter of my life was not meant to last forever.  It was with sad eyes that I bid farewell to a job I held for a third of my life.  

However, while you can take the bookseller title away, but you can't take the bookseller out of me.  My deep abiding love for books has remained as strong as ever, and I still spend a large majority of my free time, or any time really, buried imagination deep in my current book.  I carry books everywhere I go, and will find any excuse to babble about my favorites.  Even if I have to hit up the grocery store clerks.

When I'm not reading, I can most often be found with my cat, Tonks, or doing donuts in my cubicle in a slightly over caffeinated state.  I also enjoy jigsaw puzzles, writing my own stories, and making an adventure out of every day.

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