Review Policy

My primary objective is to help promote literacy and the love of reading.  As a result, I will review titles with a variety of subjects and age ranges.

To My Readers

First and foremost, thank you for reading my reviews.  Please be aware that these reviews reflect my personal opinion on the titles.  I believe in being wholly honest in my reviews, and if I didn't like a book, you will know.  The goal of this blog is to help other readers around the world discover their next 'I couldn't put this down' book.

To Authors and Publishers

Thank you for showing an interest in my blog.  Without you I wouldn't be here, doing something I love, and sharing the books I enjoy with others.  If I review your book, I may not give it the highest rating; however, please know I'm not doing it out of spite, I'm just sticking to my desire to be honest in my reviews.

I am currently accepting books to review, and will accept them in the following formats:  physical copy or ebook.  I have no luck with audio books, so sadly cannot accept books in that format.

As far as age ranges go, I will accept books across all ages.  Refer to the following for my rules about each.

  • Picture Books - I will review these in a combined, monthly post.  Or, in a biweekly post if I accumulate enough titles.
  • Chapter Books - I will review these in a combined, monthly post.  Or, in a biweekly post if I accumulate enough titles.
  • Middle Grade - I will review these in their own post.
  • Young Adult - My review policy for Young Adult is the same as Middle Grade.
  • New Adult - My review policy for New Adult is the same as MG and YA.
  • Adult - My review policy for Adult is the same as MG, YA, and NA
I read most sub-genres.  If you're uncertain if I'll review a specific sub-genre, do not hesitate to ask.  Most likely the answer will be yes; however, please see my note below, of genres I will not review.

Genres I will not review are as follows: Religion, Political, Parenting, Science, Math.

Genres I will consider on an inquiry basis are as follows:  Self Improvement, Business, Sports, Cooking, Education, Erotica, Philosophy.

Should your book be a part of a series, I will consider it, especially if the current title can be read as a stand alone, or I've read the titles which come before it.

Both backlist, and upcoming titles are welcome.

If I do accept your book, please be aware that I will do everything in my power to both read and review your book.  If I'm unable to read and review your book, I will try to pass it on to someone who will be able to read and review it.

In regards to my review, I will try to get it up within a few weeks of the release date if it is an upcoming title.  Should I post my review prior to the release date, I will post a spoiler free version until the release date has passed.

Any ARCs I receive will not be sold.  They may, however, be used in a giveaway.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.  I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Contact Info

Twitter: @bkscats

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