Friday, August 14, 2015

Review: Bounce - Noelle August

"See?" I say, grinning.  "Magic and sparkly unicorns for all.  It's been decreed."

Title: Bounce
Author: Noelle August
ISBN: 9780062331106
Publication Date: August 25, 2015
Publisher: William Morrow Paperbacks
Source: Edelweiss

Convinced by her best friend Beth to audition for the first feature film from Blackwood Entertainment, Skyler never imagines she'd be picked over Beth for the leading lady role.  On top of that, she can't stop thinking about her first audition partner, Grey, and the very real feeling kiss they shared.

Grey, having been roped into 'indentured servitude' for his brother, after a party gone wrong, finds himself working on the set of his brother's newest project.  All Grey wants to do is perform with his band, and focus on finding success as a singer, but there's something about the pink haired girl he read with that keeps derailing him.


This book was adorable, from start to finish!  I love, love, loved everything about it; from the light, chick lit flavor, to the perfect amount of drama sprinkled throughout the story, to the romance that was the backbone of the story.  

Skylar and Grey were fantastic characters to follow throughout the novel.  Their interactions, and the POVs they brought seemed so effortless and natural.  I loved the insecurity Grey had in his internal viewpoint, and how it slowly leaked into his outward actions; I really felt Grey grew as a person within the story, from rough, and wild, to more focused, driven.  Skylar was a character I wanted to sit down with at a bar or pub, and just gab the night away.  She was fun, grounded, and so very real in her struggles to support herself, her mother, and make everyone around her happy.

On top of a pair of vibrant primary characters, all of the secondary characters were so well rounded.  Beth, Mia, Garret, Adam, Titus; all of them helped to fill the story with spunk.

Having never read the first two books in the Boomerang series I can't rate the way it fit in/tied up the previous book.  However, I didn't find myself constantly wondering if I was missing something from the previous ones.  Knowing that Bounce could be feasibly read as a stand alone is the only reason I went against my refusal to read series books out of order.


Bounce is a perfect 'beach read', and a novel I will be adding to my personal library once it's released.  I'm also on a quest to acquire both Boomerang and Rebound, and devour them. :3


-Digital ARC provided by edelweiss, in exchange for a review

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