Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Coming Soon: Tours, Crimson Peak, and all the Pumpkin Spice

So, let's talk about what I'm gearing up for, book review related, what I've been up to other than reading a bajillion books, and what I'm looking forward to, non-book review related.

In books, I've got some blog tours coming up in October:

I've got a review posting as a part of this tour on October 7th :)

There's a Q & A session with Ferrett in the works as a part of his blog tour :D


Am really hoping I hear back from the PR team for this tour, because I love the Fablehaven series!


In the non-book related activities, I've been taking easily a dozen pictures a week of my ridiculous cat, Tonks

He thinks he's hiding XD

Drinking all the Pumpkin Spice things I can get my grabby hands on

Coffee, yogurt, cookies, beer, gum, etc.

And trying on assorted Halloween hats while shopping for craft supplies

I've still got to go back for that purple one!


And counting down, eagerly, to Guillermo del Toro's upcoming movie Crimson Peak


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