Monday, September 21, 2015

Review: The Time Garden - Daria Song

Title: The Time Garden
Author: Daria Song
ISBN: 9781785032097
Publication Date: July 9, 2015
Publisher: Ebury Press

I'd managed to somehow stay off of the 'adult coloring book' bandwagon until now, mostly because I regularly will pick up a 'kiddie' coloring book at a drugstore with a box of crayons and go to town.  However, when I was given the opportunity to get a copy of The Time Garden I couldn't resist any longer.  And boy am I glad I gave in!

This book is so gorgeous I'm almost afraid to touch it.  The crisp whiteness, and shiny foil of the cover would make a stylish wall print on its own, never mind the super intricate line work illustrations inside.  Seriously, some of Song's work makes my jaw drop in awe.

I especially adore how Song intertwined a story about a curious little girl climbing into a cuckoo clock to discover a magical land inside with the actual pages to color.

Colored pencils, or fine tip markers seem to be the optimal fit for the intricacy on some of the pages; though I will have to test the paper to be certain if markers or felt pens would be a doable option without bleeding through to the flip side's illustration.

All in all, I love this coloring book in every way!

-Physical copy provided by Blogging For Books, in exchange for a review.

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