Sunday, September 27, 2015

Review: Lost in Geeklandia - E.J. Russell

"I'm pond scum.  I'm lower than pond scum.  I'm the scum on the bacteria of the pond scum virus."

Title: Lost in Geeklandia
Author: E.J. Russell
ISBN: 9781633753754
Publication Date: September 28, 2015
Publisher: Entangled: Select Contemporary
Source: NetGalley

From Goodreads:

She has 30 days to turn her enemy into her boyfriend...

Introverted computer engineer Charlie Forrester has coded an algorithm for love, a nearly flawless matchmaking program. But then she's challenged to prove its accuracy - on herself. With her dream job on the line, Charlie has thirty days to forge a romantic relationship with her "perfect" match...her ex-friend and now-nemesis, Daniel Shawn. Since her dating experience is expressed in binary, she'll need more than flirting lessons and a wardrobe overhaul to pull it off.

After falling victim to the same online matchmaking con he was investigating, reporter Daniel Shawn's professional reputation went up in flames. Now he suspects someone has rebooted the scam, and he's determined to expose the fraud and rebuild his career. Unfortunately, his efforts to get back in the game get sidetracked by Charlie and her adorable geekitude, even though she seems to know a little too much about digital dating for Daniel's comfort.


This book is just the right level of ridiculous and fluffy for the premise to work.  Although, I did occasionally find myself a bit bogged down by the volume of techie speak Charlie had a tendency to use, I found it to be a minor annoyance in the overall picture.  I enjoyed the realness of Charlie's character, from her discomfort with crowds and surprises, to her familiarity with some of my favorite nerdy circles, and her love for her oddball group of friends.  She did, however, give of a bit of an unfeeling vibe whenever she referred to the people she was using as a test group as users, or stages.

Then there's Daniel, the bane of Charlie's adolescence.  I really liked him, even when he came off as kind of an ass, because he reminded me of a boy I grew up with, who went from a dear friend, to an enemy, and back to a close friend.  Call me stupid, but if a character tugs on that familiarity cord, they're bound to be a favorite of mine, even if they are the most ridiculous person out there.

All in all, I found Lost in Geeklandia to be a light, fun romp through a romance, with a good balance between the enemies-to-lovers side of the story, and the what would you do to achieve your lifelong dream side of the story.  A solid 3.5-4 stars in my book.

-Digital ARC provided by the publisher, through Netgalley, in exchange for a review.

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